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Biographical Information

2015 - present: Director of the Center for the Academic Study of Christian Spirituality (CASCS).

2016 - present: Affiliate Assistant Professor of the History of Christianity and Spirituality, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena CA.

2014 - present: Senior Research and Teaching Assistant in Practical Theology, Mandated Teaching Staff, Post Doctoral Student of Prof. Dr. Ralph Kunz, Theological Seminar, UZH.

2014 - 2016: Master of Divinity (MDiv) Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena CA.

2011 - 2014: Assistant in Practical Theology to the Chair of Practical Theology, Theological Seminar, UZH.

2010 - 2011: Adjunct Instructor of Contemporary Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, USA.

2008 - 2014: Assistant to Chair of Modern Church History at the Institute for Swiss Reformation History, UZH.

2008 - 2014: Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA.

2007 - 2011: Assistant in the Department of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, USA.

2005 - 2008: Master of Global Leadership and Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, USA.

2005 - 2006: Master Certificate, Social Space Oriented Youth Work, FHS, Rorschach, CH.

2004 - 2008: Associate pastor (Sozialdiakonische Mitarbeiterin) in the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church, CH.

2001 - 2005: Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies, Moody Institute, USA.

Areas of Interest

  • Spirituality and Practices of Piety in Protestant Traditions
  • Spirituality Formation in the Third and Fourth Age
  • Relational Ethics and Hermeneutics
  • Early Modern Women

Current Research Projects

  • Ecumenical Project Comparing the Theology and Spiritual Practices of Ignatius, Luther, and Calvin
  • Self-Identity and Othering: Historical Recollections and Oral History of Prayer and Character Virtue Development in Protestantism
  • Spiritual Formation, Character, and Virtue Development in the Third and Forth Age
  • Edition of the Prayer Book, Confession of Faith, and Correspondence of Anna Alexandria zu Rappoltstein



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Essays and Chapters

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Conference Papers

"The Swiss Reformation, Its Men and Its Women", at the event “Leave Christians a Free Choice,” Swiss Church, London, March 11, 2017.

"Frauen der Reformationszeit", Veranstaltung zur Reformationsjubiläum der Reformierte Landeskirche, Glarus Ratshaus, February 10, 2017.

"Leadership in the Church Now: Identity and Vision, Culture and Grace", Public Lecture, Knox College, University of Toronto, February 8, 2017.

"Rollen und Allianzen", Plenary Speaker, Zwingli-Salon, Weinkeller Bodega Espanola, November 24, 2016.

"Spiritual Formation setzt Geist voraus", Plenary Speaker, "Herbsttagung Spiritualität und Bildungsarbeit", plusbildung ökumenische Bildungslandschaft Schweiz, Quarten, November 22, 2016.

"Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Agendi: A Contemporary Biblical Paradigm for Christian Spirituality and Character Virtue, Formation, Spirituality, Culture and Well-being", Conference, Plenary Speaker, Excelsia College, Sydney Australia, October 4, 2016.

"Anna Reinhart: Zürcher Wirtstochter und spätere Gattin von Ulrich Zwingli, “was für ein wäsen vor und zu disen syten gewesen"…Lebensbilder am Vorabend der Reformation", Plenary Speaker, Kloster Kappel, September 18, 2016.

"Spiritual Formation in Post-Secular Culture, Spirituality and Theology: Visions, Postsecularism and Religion", plenary speaker, University of Latvia, May 30, 2016.

""Four of the Preacher's Sermons Made Me Cry": Exchanges between Women from Alsace and the Zurich Reformers", Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Vancouver, October 24, 2015.

"Sensus Spiritalis - Embodiment and the Aging Face, Paradox and Promise in the Pilgrimage of Aging", 6th International Conference on Ageing and Spirituality, California Lutheran Homes, Center For Spirituality and Aging, Los Angeles, October 5, 2015.    

"Centering the Academic Study of Christian Spirituality: A Historically Justified Appeal for European Networks and Interdisciplinary Ecumenical Research", The Interplay between Theology and Other Disciplines in Research and in Theological Education, International Conference, University of Latvia, April 15, 2015.

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"Transfer and Translation: Recovering/representing/rephrasing Early Modern Texts on and by Women," Attending to Early Modern Women: Remapping Routes and Spaces, Milwaukee, June 23, 2012.

"Female Archetypes in Bullinger’s Commentary on the New Testament," Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Fort Worth, October 28, 2011.

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"Die Mission der Frau bei der Ausbreitung der Reformation," Schweizerischer Protestantischer Volksbund, Bassersdorf, April 15, 2010.

Classes Taught

Grundkurs Praktische Theologie: Bezeugte Evangelium, UZH.

Jesuanische Spiritualität, Anstösse für die zeitgenössische Praktische Theologie, Blockseminar, UZH.

Seelsorge Seminar: Wo will man aber die Weisheit finden? UZH.

Die Psalmen in der Kirche des Wortes, UZH.

Evangelisch evangelisieren, UZH.

Frauen der Kirche der Neuzeit, UZH.

Frömmigkeitsformen jetzt und dann: Spiritualität, Echtheit und Methoden, UZH.

Grundkurs Praktische Theologie: "und werdet meine Zeugen sein...," UZH.

Grundkurs Praktische Theologie: Gelebte Religion – Gelebter Glaube, UZH.

Grundkurs Praktische Theologie: Bezeugtes Evangelium, UZH.

Liturgische Übung "Gold im Mund", UZH.

Philosophie der Spiritualität, UZH.

Spiritualität: Mentoring - "Zwergen auf den Schultern von Riesen", UZH.

Spiritualität: Kerygma in der Postmoderne, UZH.

Spiritualität: Ich-Werdung am Du, UZH.

Spiritualität in der Kirche des Wortes, UZH.


Self Care and Spiritual Formation for Missionaries an NGO Cross-Cultural Workers, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

Contemporary Culture, Culture between Modernity and Post Modernity, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.


George und Della Hummel Scholarship

Charles E. Fuller Scholarship

Fuller Women’s Legacy Award 2010


Editorial Board of "Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality", Johns Hopkins University Press

Society for Ricouer Studies

Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women

Sixteenth Century Society and Conference

Renaissance Society of America

The Society of European Women in Theological Research