Tobias Brügger

Herr Tobias Brügger, PhD Student

PhD Student

Anschrift: Kantonsschulstr 1, 8001 Zürich

Raumbezeichnung: Dachstock



Tobias Brügger studied Theology and Management Studies in Pretoria and Zurich. He received his MTh in Theological Ethics from the University of South Africa in 2010, specializing in Christian Leadership in Context. In his MTh dissertation, he explored the relationship of faith and international management in a multinational enterprise, combining conceptual research and fieldwork among business managers. He is currently working on a PhD project on faith-work integration in management contexts, with special focus on embodiment and the body as a practical and conceptual bridge between faith and work. He also works as a consultant in the areas of strategy, organizational development, and faith-work integration in business and non-profit contexts.

Research interests

  • Real presence
  • Christian living
  • Management, spirituality and religion
  • Faith-work integration

UZH Forschungsdatenbank


"Integrating christian living and international management’,"Brügger, T. und Kretzschmar, L. in KOERS — Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 80(1), (2015).
Print Version (PDF, 724 KB)
Freedom and Orientation. A Christian contribution to International Management. MTh Dissertation. Pretoria: University of South Africa (2010).