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Sermons from Goettingen on the Internet places current sermons at the disposal of the global community. The sermons are intended for the coming Sunday or Festival. In this way, the sermons are at most a few day’s old. In addition, there are sermons for special occasions. All are based on biblical texts. In Germany, these are pericopes recommended by the regional churches. In many English-speaking countries, the Revised Common Lectionary is employed. The authors are members of Christian denominations. Most of them are Lutheran and are either ordained pastors or professors.

Sermons from Goettingen are completed sermons. They offer not only building blocks, but established structures. They contain all components developed in the preacher’s workshop from research-based theological reflection to homiletical application with reference to a current situation.They tie together both theology and practice. Many are those like Luther and Schleiermacher who have given us specific examples of such synthesis. This approach serves preachers well in the preparation of their own sermons. Additionally, congregation members read these sermons in preparation for their own worship experience.and discipleship. It serves both theological development and research by tying theory and practice together.

Sermons in a variety of languages are regularly published. Currently, sermons are produced in German, Danish, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In addtion, some sermons are occasionally published in additional langauges. The writers are native speakers of the languages employed. The reader’s understanding may be restricted by language ability, but not by national borders. They come from diverse regions of the earth, North and South, East and West. They even frequently overcome language barriers. Sermons from other countries can be expecially exciting. Different circumstances and traditions expose the reader to new vistas and teach how one might understand the sermon text better.

The Internet offers the possibility of a global ecumenicity that could never have been experienced before. It always provided an ecumenical opportunity for church leaders and institutions. What it lacked, however, and here has, is a theological basis in the parish. With the Internet one can have a rapid, readily available, and economical work tool. Joint global work and communication is possible in a way that is timely and applicable to the coming Sunday. Such global ecumenicity exists already in the worlds of finance, politics, tourism and business. It can be useful here as well.

Sermons from Goettingen on the Internet are current sermons with a global perspective open to all interested, especially those in local parishes. Visitors to the website, regulars as well as newcomers, are welcome. New authors may apply to the editors of the various language divisions or to the publisher. Contact may be made through www.theologie.uzh.ch/predigten or www.online-sermons.info

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