Tobias Brügger

Tobias Brügger, Dr.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Tel.: +41 44 634 5874

Anschrift: Kantonsschulstr 1, 8001 Zürich

Raumbezeichnung: Dachstock




Education: MTh, University of South Africa, 2010; MTh, University of Zurich, 2013; PhD, University of Zurich, 2019. Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Sociology (URPP Digital Religions) and at the Center for Religion, Economy, and Politics (ZRWP). Tobias Brügger received his MTh in Ethics from the University of South Africa in 2010, specializing in Christian Leadership. In his MTh dissertation, he explored the relationship between faith and international management in a multinational enterprise, combining conceptual research and a fieldwork-based study of business managers. Following additional theological studies in Zurich, he completed his PhD at the intersection of Theology and Management & Organization Studies. His dissertation explored the bodily character of Christian living in contemporary workplaces, again combining conceptual research and fieldwork studying business managers. He is currently conducting research on non-manageability, and on Christians at work.

Tobias Brügger is a 2021 C. William Pollard Research Fellow at the Center for Integrity in Business, School of Business, Government and Economics at Seattle Pacific University.

Research Interests

  • Business ethics
  • Christian living
  • Management, spirituality and religion
  • Leadership in organizations

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Publications & Presentations

  • Brügger, Tobias & Rost, Katja 2021. Social Evaluations of Christian Entrepreneurs and Leaders in a Secular Business World. Paper accepted to the 2021 Academy of Management Annual Meeting. 29 July - 4 August, 2021

    Brügger, Tobias & Rost, Katja 2021. Social evaluations of Christian entrepreneurs in a secular business world. Paper accepted to the online 37th EGOS Colloquium 2021, Amsterdam, July 8-10, 2021

    Brügger, Tobias, 2021. The Christian body at work. Spirituality, embodiment, and Christian living. Baden-Baden: Nomos. Volume 21 in the Series "Religion - Wirtschaft - Politik"
  • Brügger, Tobias & Huppenbauer, Markus 2019. The study of Christians at work. Paper presented at the Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting, Boston, MA. Academy of Management Proceedings 2019:1.
  • Brügger, Tobias & Huppenbauer, Markus 2018. Contemporary research on faith, spirituality and religion at work and the study of Christians at work. Paper presented at the Faith@Work Summit, Chicago, IL.
  • Brügger, Tobias 2018. Aktuelle Forschungsbestrebungen zu Spiritualität/Religion und Management und die Frage nach dem Christsein am Arbeitsplatz. Paper presented at the 1. Wiener Symposium zu Glaube und Management (Glaube & Management: komplementär, konträr, kontrovers?), 25.-26. Juni 2018, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Österreich.
  • Brügger, Tobias & Kretzschmar, Louise 2015. Integrating Christian living and international management. In KOERS — Bulletin for Christian Scholarship 80(1), 14-22. Print version (PDF, 724 KB)
  • Brügger, Tobias 2010. Freedom and Orientation. A Christian contribution to International Management. MTh Dissertation. Pretoria: University of South Africa.


Spring Semester 2021:

  • Seminar: Responsible Leadership? Konzepte verantwortungsvoller Führung von Organisationen VVZ UZH

Fall Semester 2020:

  • Lecture: Ethics for Economists  (with Michael Assländer, Dana Entenza and Isaac Osei-Tutu) VVZ UZH

Spring Semester 2019:

  • Seminar: Manager, Leader oder Entrepreneur? Konzepte verantwortungsvoller Führung von Organisationen (with Markus Huppenbauer) VVZ UZH
  • Lecture: Grundkurs Ethik (with Markus Huppenbauer) VVZ UZH


  • Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society
  • European Group for Organizational Studies