Specialized Master’s Degree in Ancient Judaism

Program of Study

The specialized master’s program in ancient Judaism is possible either as one’s full course of study (120 KP) or as a major (90 or 75 KP) in combination with an additional major or minor (structure of studies).

The program is conceived as a joint master’s degree with the Universities of Zürich and Bern. Guidelines are arranged in the agreement to cooperation between these institutions. Students pursuing the specialized master’s degree in ancient Judaism enroll either in Bern or Zürich and their enrollment in one or the other university determines which set of guidelines will apply.

Studies with two majors

Module reservation and exam application

Admission to the Program

Admission into the specialized master’s degree in ancient Judaism depends on the following conditions:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree relevant to (one or more of) the areas of religious studies, theology, Jewish studies, history, classical philology, or Semitics.
  • Graduation from a university, whether in Switzerland or abroad, whose accreditation is recognized by the theological departments in Zürich and Bern alike.
  • Either advanced ability with Hebrew and Greek or a level of ability compatible with university standards of proficiency; requests for an exception allowing the study of these languages during the master’s program may be submitted to the program committee.
  • An interview addressing subject-related requirements and goals of the applicants, led by two professors (one from each university) on the program committee.

Applicants must demonstrate their compatibility with these requirements to the dean’s offices in the Theology Departments at the Universities of Zürich or Bern