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Department of Theology | Faculty of Theology and the Study of Religion

Research on Religion and Spirituality by Scholars at Risk

Pop-up Conference

Zürich, 1.12.–3.12.2022


The 'Pop-Up Conference' organized by the Faculty of Theology at the University of Zurich is aimed at Scholars at Risk from all disciplines who conduct research on religion or spirituality, and at all those who are interested in the research and experiences of these researchers.

Scholars at Risk are researchers from countries affected by war, states with dictatorial regimes but also those who belong to an oppressed minority, that are exposed to discrimination and persecution. They are subject to attack by state and non-state actors in the form of destruction of research material, deprivation of liberty, physical and psychological abuse, or even death, and are thus working under considerably difficult conditions.

However, those who suffer are not only the individuals and institutions directly attacked – the attacks also restrict the society’s space for thinking, questioning and discussing. Furthermore, they reduce the quality of teaching, research and scientific discourse, make access to research and exchange with the scientific community impossible and prevent social, political, cultural and economic developments.

The conference aims to provide a platform to network and share experiences, as well as to present research projects and results.

Call for Papers

Submissions can be:

a) Presentations of completed, ongoing or planned research projects
→ 20-30 minutes presentation time and 15-25 minutes discussion time

b) Papers on what it means to be a researcher doing research on religion and spirituality in a position at risk
→ 15-20 minutes presentation time and 20-30 minutes discussion time

Abstracts can be sent by email to by 13.11.2022 at the latest. They should not exceed 5000 characters for the project presentations (a) and a maximum of 3000 characters for the contributions to the challenges as Scholar at Risk (b). The abstracts can be written in German or English. Please also send a short curriculum vitae.

As the focus is on networking and exchange, participants are invited to be present on site; depending on interest, we will also set up an online panel for presenters. The audience can follow the presentations on site or online.

Travel expenses, accommodation and meals will be covered for the speakers.

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