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Theologisches Seminar | Theologische und Religionswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Kyung Min Kim

Kyung Min Kim

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  • Doktorand


Kyung Min Kim received a BA in Theology (Yonsei University). He spent a year in Norway as an exchange student (University of Oslo) during his college days. Kim received two master's degrees in the New Testament, one in South Korea (Th.M; Yonsei United Graduate School of Theology) and the other in the United States (MAR; Yale Divinity School).

His research interests include Johannine Literature, Pauline Letters, Early Judaism, Greco-Roman Literature, literary criticism, ancient rhetoric, gender and sexuality, ethnicity, and emotion. His article, «Paul's Defense: Masculinity and Authority in 2 Cor 10-13,» investigates how the traits of masculinity were used for rhetorical purposes. Kim also gave academic presentations about Stoic emotional theory in 2 Corinthians and the literary structure of John 9–10 at SBL meetings.

Kyung Min Kim was ordained in the Korean Methodist Church (2014) and served as a military chaplain in the Korean Air Force (2015–2018).

Research Project

Kyung Min Kim is researching the relationship between the Fourth Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels. In particular, he tries to demonstrate how John transforms specific passages of Luke in his gospel.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Kyung Min Kim, “Paul’s Defense: Masculinity and Authority in 2 Cor 10-13,” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 44 (2021): 149-169.

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