Studies in Ancient Judaism

Joint Degree

Master’s degree in ancient Judaism with the theological departments of the University of Zurich and the University of Bern.

The study of ancient Judaism focuses on the cultural, religious, and societal shape of Judaism from the Persian period until the early Middle Ages

The program offers historically and philologically grounded views into Judaism’s multifaceted intellectual- and culture-historical structures, giving students the opportunity to grapple both with the emergence and consolidation of Judaism, which is located in the context of ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean cultures. This broad geographical and chronological scope provides the framework for exploring the formative influence of ancient Jewish discourse.

Specialized master’s degree in ancient Judaism

The specialized master’s degree pursues an overview of the history, literature, and religion of ancient Judaism from the Second Temple period until the Rabbinic period. Culture studies and philological-historical methods constitute the interpretive lens for examining texts, images, and other sources.

This degree has an interdisciplinary orientation. Course offerings include the discipline-relevant events of the University of Zurich's (course directory) theological and philosophical departments as well as the University of Bern's (course directory) theological and philosophical-historical departments.

Students can study ancient Judaism either as a full-time degree or as a primary subject supplemented by a secondary subject.

Doctoral Studies

With a doctorate, students have opportunity at the University of Bern to deepen their understanding of a select topic from their subject area and to contribute to their field of research.



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