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Theologisches Seminar | Theologische und Religionswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Porträtfoto Jonathan Ben-Dov

Jonathan Ben-Dov, Prof. Dr.

  • Lehrbeauftragter Sigi Feigel-Gastprofessur für Jüdische Studien (FS 2024)


Jonathan Ben-Dov is professor of Bible at Tel Aviv University (formerly at the University of Haifa). He researchers and teaches the Hebrew Bible, literature of the Second Temple era, and Ancient Near Eastern literature. He has published and edited several books about editions of Qumran scrolls and ancient Time reckoning, astronomy and calendars (see here). His articles discuss the biblical Books of Amos, Job, Kings and Psalms as well as the history of the biblical text. Ben-Dov is active in several projects aimed at improving the editions of the Qumran Scrolls, with some use of computerized tools. His current project is about the early history of Jewish apocalypses in the Second Temple period.